Who would have thought that you could be self-taught online on how to play the piano?

March 1, 2017 Music

If you have come this far with your music aspirations, consider yourself blessed. You are part of a noble circle of artists. All you need is to grow. You may only have limited access to a piano or recorder at this stage but at least it is a start. Like all inspirations, it starts with a sprout. Affording your own piano, however, does pose challenges. But if you are this inspired and ambitious in becoming an accomplished pianist, no matter which genre draws you, you should know that this challenge can and will be overcome.

You have already started saving, haven’t you? Even a second hand piano will suffice. They are well looked after. Their previous masters cherished them. Music lessons cost a pound and a penny too. Oh dear. But wait a moment. There is still the internet. It has resulted in a massive consumer explosion that could overwhelm the most gentle of music artists. Thanks to this, competiveness has increased and prices have started to fall.

Suddenly, online music lessons have become affordable, even for the struggling beginner. Who would have believed that you could now benefit from self taught piano lessons. Surely you need to be in attendance at a music hall with a maestro at your side? Not anymore. The journey begins with the theory. Reading materials are provided. But you still need to practice your notes. It can be an intricate process, but there you go, step by step guidance is being provided to you.

You need to be reminded to be as patient as possible. No matter how much promise you may be showing, learning to play the piano does take many hours of practice.